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Name:Hati and Sköll
Hati ("hate") and Sköll ("treachery") are the sons of Fenrir and are, in a sense, responsible for the rising and setting of the sun and the moon. In that Hati chases the Moon and Sköll the Sun in an attempt to eat them. It is said that at Ragnarök, they will succeed in their pursuits, and it will be the end of times.

At their cores, both are barely more than wild animals who live for nothing more than the thrill of the hunt, be it for food in their current day and age, or the pursuit of their godly quarry in their homeland. They have chosen to have little contact with humans - or civilization - unless absolutely necessary and as such, neither have terribly well developed social skills. If they want something, they will simply take it with no care for consequences.

[Hati and Sköll are a part of Norse mythology and therefore public domain. Scott Speedman and Ben Foster belong to themselves.]
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